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Smoking shisha isn’t just a pastime, it’s a ritual.

From preparing the bowl to setting the charcoal, 82nd Ave. Tobacco & Pipe has all of the accoutrements needed for the best smoking experience.

We carry a wide selection of hookah pipes priced for any budget and available in a range of sizes, styles and colors.  We have single hose and multi-hose options, and the styles range from the simple, modern look to elaborate and ornate traditional hookahs.  If you’re looking for a particular style that you don’t see, just ask!  We may be able to special order just the pipe you’re after.

In addition to the hookah pipes, we have all of accessories you need.  We stock foil, screens, tongs and wind covers.  For grommets, we have a range of sizes and styles for both hoses and bowls.  We also offer a variety of coals, from quick-light to high quality coconut and lemonwood coals.