Special Offer

At 82nd Ave. Tobacco & Pipe we value our customers, and every day we offer ongoing in-store promotions:

–        Buyer Pick.  Every month we feature a different selection of cigars, either a blend or an entire brand, which is discounted 20%.

–        Cigar Club Pick.  In addition to the Buyer Pick, we feature another selection, also discounted 20%, which is available exclusively to our 82nd Ave. Cigar Club members.

–        Discontinued Cigars.  We keep a dynamic selection of cigars, featuring the latest new release and limited production offerings, and we can only keep up with the new by letting go of the old.  Our selection of discontinued cigars is always stocked with premium cigars at rock-bottom prices.

–        Smoker Events.  The cigar industry is all about events, and nearly every month we invite a manufacturer to promote their cigars with special deals, free cigars and promotional goodies for our customers.  It’s a great opportunity to try out a new brand or just stock up on your tried-and-true stogies.